April 30 > June 7

Opening Thursday 29 April 18:30

Loic Seguin

Half Light​

“Half Light” is the result of open-hearted encounters between Loïc and the people with whom he relates in his “real” life. There is no pretension of artist. Nor any voyeuristic need to represent people outside their universe. His photography is authentic, direct, simple. No gadgets. “These photographs were taken in Paris during a period of mourning. I felt I had to look at the people in front of me. Without social mask. " - Loïc Seguin The way Seguin reveals the people of Belleville and Place des Fêtes is unique. It could only have been done by an insider. This is its strength: simplicity and simplicity. Unpretentious portraits trigger our curiosity - Who are these people? Where do they come from? How did they let the photographer get so close? It's intimate? The obsession. Rigorous and constant practice. The stable high quality of its images, despite the high quantity. These are the references that Seguin presents on his first book, which is published by Void.


Tél : (+32) 483 05 17 62


L'Enfant Sauvage

Rue de l'Enseignement 23

1000 Brussels

Open Thursdays through Saturdays

from 13:00 until 19:00

2021 L'enfant Sauvage - Mentions Légales,  Référencement ASI

L'Enfant Sauvage est un espace d'exposition photo 


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