Artist Talks - Projection leaves the stage to one or more photographers who elaborate on their work, sources of inspiration. For about an hour the public is invited to discover the artists universe through projection of their on a big screen. A intimate meeting between artist and spectator.

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Jeudi 21 Octobre - 20h

Artist Talk with Nicholas Kuskin


Nick Kuskin’s photographs from the 1982 Harlem Fantasy ball are a rare early look at New York’s early transgender community house balls. They were familial events, creating community and designing culture at a time poised for change in NYC. 
Now, like in the current tv show Pose, the popular media represents this history with more glamor than the severely marginalized sub culture lived. But in the documentary images of this series, the mostly anonymous participants reflect the community’s impulse to create change. While most did not live to survive the era, they began significant change with global implications.  Among them are Pepper LaBeija and Dorian Corey, Harlem and Bronx trans community leaders who produced the Harlem Fantasy ball, beginning in 1981. A decade later they appeared in the documentary film Paris is Burning (1991). We also see Willi Ninja, who choreographed Madonna’s Vogue video (1990).

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