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Etienne Panier

Etienne Panier lives and works in Brussels. He has been working the linoleum frenetically for ten years now. His style is marked by comic art. Inspired by Japanese printmaking he sources his inspiration in asian folklore and creates scènes populated by monsters in a joyful and mysterious atmosphere. He creates a universe dominated by black and white. In 2019 Panier realizes his first solo exhibition at Calaveras gallery wherein he presents the Mostrorum Catalogo, a funny compendium of a hundred monsters whose faces and the maxims that accompany them aim to create laughter or at least draw a smile from the spectator.

Mathieu van Assche

A professional graphic artist, illustrator, engraver and photographer, Mathieu Van Assche lives and works in Brussels. A creative millipede, curious by nature and slave to the image, he sources his inspiration from the effervescence of popular neighborhoods, sacred imagery, use of the mask in pagan traditions and comic art.

Naturally and (un)consciously he takes a devilish pleasure in creating confusion by mixing styles, references and various techniques, finally creating a very personal universe. He blows life into a dented world, populated by monsters, fantastic beasts, sometimes soft and funny, sometimes unsettling and scary.

Noëmie Béchu

Noemie Béchu is an multidisciplinary artists based in Brussels. Passioned by the art of printing she opened up her artisanal screen printing atelier in Saint Gilles in 2017. This creative space is destined for experimentation and research enables her to invite and help other creatives to realize their projects. She finds her inspiration in the organic and natural world, femininity and bloom and human relationships. Her drawings, illustrations, poster art, jewelry, textiles and other creations address different subjects, always marked by a positif and generous spirit.

YOUNG TALENT : Emilie Maricq, Abi Coeffier & Bastien Communi

Abi Coeffier : "Freshman student in photography at ESA 75, photography has always played an important role in my life. As a kid I always carried around a disposable camera during vacations and at about 16 years old I got my first digital reflex camera. From that point on I started collecting cameras and my interest steered towards analogue photography. During the confinement I started to make self portraits with this technique. Being alone in my apartment, for the most part cut off from the outside world, I decided to deconstruct the body using objects surrounding me in daily life. Thus I created still lifes using the sunlight entering through my windows" 


Emilie Maricq : Belgian student in her third year visual communication and graphic arts at ENSAV La Cambre, photography is my preferred medium for self expression. I've been using analogue technique for a number of years now but only recently I've started to create my own universe. During this peculiar time of confinement, sitting and waiting are our main activities, we are stuck in a decor, becoming part of it. The creation of images has become my escape, the decor changes and tells stories."

Bastien Communi : "My interest in photography started quite young. This medium has accompanied me for many years and continues to evolve in my eyes. Photography, for me, is a way of existing and of existing in the wanted world. It is also a powerful means of expression and communication. I consider my photographic work as a sensitive collection through which oneirism wanders from image to image. "


Tél : (+32) 483 05 17 62


L'Enfant Sauvage

Rue de l'Enseignement 23

1000 Brussels

Open Thursdays through Saturdays

from 13:00 until 19:00


2020 L'enfant Sauvage - Mentions Légales,  Référencement ASI

L'Enfant Sauvage est un espace d'exposition photo 


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