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The Lokal Fototek Foundation

Vincen Beeckman & Kasper Demeulemeester

On the occasion of the exhibition at L’Enfant Sauvage, The Lokal Fototek Foundation will publish two publications based on two collections from Brussels archives - the Frimousse space catalog and the personal albums of the Cocozza family. They invited artists Kenneth Mottar and Nick Defour to intervene on these series of images and produce a publication.

The Lokal Fototek Foundation has composed a list of nine rules to be followed, which form a dogma for the manufacture of the publications : 

  1. The artist will work with images printed on smooth or tan tactile paper.

  2. The Lokal Fototek Foundation team will print the photos, undistorted and in orginal format.

  3. It is not requiered for the publication to be specifically readable or follow an understandable narrative. She will live her life or another life.

  4. The photographic image will not be considered as an item of value. It will therefore not be divine but it will be allowed to show it sweetness and love.

  5. The format of the edition will be different each time and / or will be produced in a variety of different materials.

  6. The budget for each edition will be set at € 1,000, including the artist's sub, taking into account the index or middle finger.

  7. The artist will receive a watch and will have a maximum of one month to submit a proposal.

  8. The publication will be free of any trademark or tattoo. A chocolate pouch will envelop the publication and indicate its origin.

  9. Archives and authors must never have been to a restaurant together

"The Lokal Fototek Foundation" is a project launched by two Brussels artists Kasper Demeulemeester and Vincen Beeckman, alias Franky and Johnny Heyvaert. THE LOKAL FOTOTEK FOUNDATION is a project dedicated to local photography, in all its forms. The Foundation is a physical space in the Heyvaert District, in Brussels, and radiates from there to the rest of the city and beyond. It is a place where photographic collaborations with the people of the neighborhood can emerge, from new images (which can be made in the Fototek itself, in people's homes, or in the street) or by collecting their old photographs, by archiving and reproducing them. Fototek actively collects and archives these images and opens its collection to the public. In addition to this, you need to know more about it. The Lokal Fototek Foundation does not want to keep but to share. Regularly, exhibitions take place, publications are also edited to present the growing collection to the public. THE LFF is a totally free project, the only richness it envisages is the iconographic richness hidden under the surface of Brussels. Everyone is absolutely invited to cooperate with the Foundation, anything is possible if it corresponds to the principles of the Foundation. The Lokal Fototek Foundation has an office in Circularium, on the Bergensesteenweg in Anderlecht, but you will rarely see Franky or Johnny in the office, their working grounds are the streets of the neighborhood, where they write everything they see, where they build car memorials, where they stick photographs of miniature cars on doors and walls. Maybe you will see them working with plasticine, maybe you will find them at the tavern Le Cadre sprl drinking pure ginger juice, walking through the streets of Liverpool and Heyvaert. The LLF also organizes meals where the guests discuss their photographs. These so-called “Dinner with Franky and Johnny” give rise to the creation of posters which take excerpts from the guests' reflections and spread their reflections in the neighborhood and beyond. All the publications of the LLF could unite under the name of Manifeste de la Photographie. The first edition, Manifeste de la Photographie Dînatoire, was written by Sandra de Viviès, based on the words spoken by the guests of the first Dinner with Franky and Johnny.


Tél : (+32) 483 05 17 62

L'Enfant Sauvage

Rue de l'Enseignement 23

1000 Brussels

Open Thursdays through Saturdays

from 13:00 until 19:00

2021 L'enfant Sauvage - Mentions Légales,  Référencement ASI

L'Enfant Sauvage est un espace d'exposition photo 


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